Hero Cicada-Human & M1 vs. Gorgos #1

“Ultra Q Pictorial”

I recently purchased a book titled “Ultra Q Pictorial” (published this year in 2017) featuring magazine articles on Ultra Q of the time after the previously released “Ultraseven Pictorial” (2014) and “Ultraman Pictorial” (2015).

This pictorial of Ultra Q is not so picturesque as the others because it was not customarily practiced back then to deal with such a TV show in publication featuring a large number of photos even though Ultra Q was the unprecedented full-fledged tokusatsu TV show supervised by Eiji Tsuburaya famous for Toho Godzilla movies.

Therefore, in addition to illustrated black and white articles about Ultra Q kaijus, this pictorial predominantly features illustrated reads from Ultra Q episodes while the stories tend to be adjusted more or less even with different settings applied to them rather than faithful to the original stories of the show.

The back cover

Among them, I found a fun story featuring Cicada-Human, M1 and Gorgos. While it is a story in which a battle unfolds among them, of all things, Cicada-Human is found to be dealt with as a righteous hero (with a scarf wrapped around his neck) who fights with M1 against Gorgos while the alien was depicted as a formidable enemy plotting to invade Earth using Garamons in the real show!

In the story, Cicada-Human’s spacecraft crashed into the ground by accident. People including Jun Manjome and his fellows along with M1 rushed to the scene. M1 is described in this particular story as an artificial life form brought into being for observation of volcanic activities of Mt. Fuji to check places inaccessible to humans.

Illustration featuring Cicada-Human fighting against Gorgos in cooperation with M1 found tearing Gorgos’s leg apart

2 thoughts on “Hero Cicada-Human & M1 vs. Gorgos #1”

  1. I like these Pictoral books, and I may try to buy the Q/Man/7 Pictorals. Thank you for introducing us to these Pictorals through your Ultopia! I like to see the imaginative illustrations that show the inside of the monster’s anatomy, and the technical blueprints of the vehicles. Although I think I’m a little too young for Bokura and Shonen Magazine, I do remember Shogaku Ichi-Nen-Sei, which would sometimes have nostalgic film comics of Ultraman and Ultra Seven episodes.

    1. You are most welcome!

      Make sure these books are collections of magazine articles of the time, not the ones introducing each character and vehicle with pictures, anatomy charts and blueprints (some of the anatomy charts and cross-section views of the vehicles are included). Especially, the one on Ultra Q is mostly filled with black and white reads with fewer pictures.
      That being said, as I can see you read Japanese, they should be enjoyable for you anyway.

      Me too. I was not so much familiar with Bokura and Shonen Magazine back then, either. Shogaku Ichinensei truly evokes a feeling of nostalgia!

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