Hero Cicada-Human & M1 vs. Gorgos #2

“Leave it to me.” M1 who speaks human words in this story took the initiative to rescue Cidada-Human out of his stranded spacecraft by lifting it with his strong power, and the alien thanked them saying (by telepathy), “I am Alien Jigri. I landed on Earth because my spacecraft had broken down while I had been on a space trip. You guys saved my life. Thank you.”

It is found that Cicada-Human is set to be Alien Jigri instead of Alien Tilsonia somehow while it gives me an impression that it was named as such haphazardly exclusively for this story as such things could often have happened back then. An idyllic time…

When M1 managed to rescue Cicada-Human, a giant rock popped out of the lake and it was revealed to be a rock monster (in this story, Gorgos is just described as Rock Monster as shown in the opening credits of the show).

Although the rock monster had been blown up with dynamite tossed under the body by M1, the shattered pieces got together and returned to its original shape. At last, Cicada-Human stood up to Rock Monster saying to people, “Just step aside. Let me deal with it!”

(M1 can be found on top of Gorgos)

Cicada-Human turned into his giant version as he is set to be able to extend and shrink his body (the description found in the story is likely to tell us the concept of “kyodaika” (turning into a giant version) was not so common yet.

When Cicada-Human and M1 were about to subdue Rock Monster, Mt. Fuji started erupting with a ground rumbling and lava pouring from the crater, but the two heroes wouldn’t let go of Rock Monster. Finally, the  lava flowing down swallowed up the three. Cicada-Human and M1 made Rock Monster enclosed in molten rock at the expense of their own lives…

This story has a note describing it as a story based on the Ultra Q episode “S.O.S. Mount Fuji” with new monsters added to it. As the story from “Garamon Strikes Back” is found to come next, this Rock Monster story should have been featured before Cicada-Human appeared in the show. That makes me imagine children who read this story could have been surprised at the alien who appeared as a villain, but I feel like such a confusion often took place in those days. An idyllic time…

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