History of Kemur

It’s well known Kemur runs faster than a police car in the drama.

I wish Kemur would run for the Tokyo Olympic Games slated just for the year 2020.

And it’s also well known Kemur was played by Satoshi (Bin) Furuya.

His tall and lean body shape in the suit of Kemur looked exactly like the image Tohl Narita had in his mind in designing the alien.

That made Mr. Narita very much impressed and happy.


That’s why Mr. Furuya was chosen for the role of Ultraman later.

In shooting the running scene, it was attempted to have Mr. Furuya roller skate.

Though a good roller skater, he says it didn’t do well because the head of Kemur was so heavy with three motors inside to move the eyes.

In result, a front projection effect was used for the scene with Mr. Furuya acting in front of the image of a running police car.


Kemur reappears in “Ultraman” (Episode 33 “The Forbidden Words”) though it was played by someone else.

The head remains the same as the first Kemur, but Kemur II got a new suit for the body.

The same head was used for Alien Zetton in the last episode of “Ultraman.”

The design of Kemur led to Alien Quraso of “Ultra Seven” (Episode 7 “Space Prisoner 303”).

The same suit as Kemur II was used for the body of Quraso.

Tetsuo Yamamura says he saw the Kemur head left behind in the storage with the gimmick removed.

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