Episode Episode 20: “Terror on Route 87”
Alias Plateau Dragon
Height 60 m
Weight None
Emergence Omuroyama Mountain in Izu
Homeplace Omuroyama Mountain in Izu
Features Assumed to be a species of archaeopteryx
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Exproduction
Actor Teruo Aragaki

Hydra (pronounced like heedra in Japanese) is a monster like a guardian for a kid who lost his life in a car accident.

One day a boy showed up in the SSSP Headquarter and warned Akiko Fuji staying alone in the control room that Hydra would go on a rampage.

As the boy predicted, Hydra emerged from Omuroyama Mountain.

And it looked just like a statue placed in Omuroyama Park with the name of Hydra.

A boy appeared in SSSP Headquarter

Incidentally this stature actually exists even now in Izu Cactus Park used for the location at the time.

In the drama the statue of Hydra was built based on the picture drawn by a boy named Osamu Muto.

And Fuji found Osamu was the boy who appeared in the SSSP Headquarter.

She also learnt that Osamu died in a hit-and-run accident caused by a cargo truck on Route 87 half a year ago.

Statue of Hydra

Hydra attacked cargo trucks running on Route 87.

It was stronger than it looked, and it made Ultraman fall unconscious temporarily.

Hydra escaped into the sky dodging the shot of Spaceum Beam.

While Ultraman aimed at Hydra again for a moment, he let it fly away.

Because he became aware of Osamu’s spirit riding on the back of Hydra though the SSSP members didn’t notice it but Akiko Fuji.

Cap. Muramatsu referred to Hydra as a possible incarnation of children who lost their lives tragically in vehicle accidents.

The case was solved with the surrender of the hit-and-run driver to police.


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