I Have Also Got A Toy Mask Of Ultraman!

In addition to the plastic model posted yesterday, I bought a fun thing: Omen of Ultraman. (Click the images for enlargement)

Omen means mask in Japanese. Compared with another term kamen also meaning mask, omen often represents a toy mask for kids.

There were toy masks of Ultraman around in our childhood, but they were based on the Type A mask, and they didn’t look like the real mask.

Ultraman (Type C mask)

Oddly enough, there were omens with octagonal eyes, and their jaws and even mouths were painted red although they showed features unique to the Type A mask.

Come to think of it, they had red ears somehow as well.

You can see a standard Ultraman omen of the time based on the Type A mask in Episode 26 of Ultraman featuring Gomora that was worn by Osamu.

Ultraman (A Type)
Ultraman (Type A mask)

But this omen I’ve got is very much faithful to the Type C mask of Ultraman and looks so cool although I also love the touch of the old masks that I now find attractive enough.

The mask makers’ adherence to trying to imitate the real Type C mask makes me feel their affection and respect for the Ultra Series.

Looks like an omen of Ultraseven probably in the same omen series is also very much well made, so I’d like to get one sometime.

Anyway I’m going to display the omen of Ultraman somewhere in my room.

I personally want an omen of the Type B mask to get produced.

Osamu and one of his friends playing Ultraman and a kaiju (Peguila)

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