I Have Just Got Mini/Triangle VTOL!


The other day I got a plastic model of the Mini VTOL (Triangle VTOL).

This is one of the tiny plastic model series I posted before.

While I had purchased the other ones, this one was not released yet at that time.

One of my readers kindly posted a video (sorry, the video in Japanese) on these model series in his comment on the above post.

And it tells us the kits can be assembled quite easily by snapping in each part without using adhesive.

Billy Joek just for comparison in size

No painting is necessary, either, because the kits are distinctively colored from the very beginning.

To make it look more realistic, you can apply the decals which come together with the kit.

So these models are to be built without spending much time.

Despite the easiness of assembling and the sizes, I’ve found the finished models shown in the video look attractive and realistic enough.


This kind of snap-in style models were not around when I was a kid, but I now find this could be the main stream of plastic models (especially in Gundom models) here in Japan.

As I wrote before, this series of tiny models stemmed from the Space Battleship Yamato series sometime around in the 1980s while I have none of them with me any more unfortunately.

They were highly reputed as well-made models despite the size and price then, and I had to use glue and paint them at the time although it was fun as well.

Daily hustles and bustles have still kept me from building these models at leisure (I don’t want to do it hastily), but I look forward to building them before long.

5 thoughts on “I Have Just Got Mini/Triangle VTOL!”

    1. Good to hear that! I think the to-do is printed on the other side of the lid of each box.

      And I understand you can just follow the illustrated instructions that should be easily understood without the knowledge of the Japanese language with no need to apply glues.

      If you have any difficulties in understanding it, feel free to ask me.
      Have a good time with the models!

      1. Thanks for your nice information again. Sorry, I’m not sure about computer issues…The website makes it likely they are planning to release new models after the four of them already on sale. That makes me happy. 🙂

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