I Have Lived Ultra


While I got started with this blog to talk about a wider range of Ultra and tokusatsu series I enjoyed as a kid, it now looks like searching for the origin of Ultra.

My knowledge of Ultra might be obsolete now that there is much information easily available online anytime, but what I can say proudly is ‘ I have lived Ultra.’

To live Ultra could mean to live along with Ultra, to live through Ultra as if Ultra has been part of myself.


I appreciate each person’s experience of Ultra as I think it’s also wonderful and fun to find each one of them to have their own experiences in encountering the amazing series and enjoying them at different ages, in different countries and in different styles.

So I would never say my experience is the best of all.

In fact, it’s a lot of fun and often inspiring to find people including those outside of Japan enjoying the products in their own ways.


Meanwhile, I have been so much affected by humanities incorporated in the series including the products in themselves and the people involved in the production.

Therefore, I’d like to talk about ‘human beings’ as much as possible besides the attraction of the series on this blog while newest information about the latest series should be abundantly found available everywhere online.

Furthermore, I would feel much more happy if this blog should help people who don’t know much about the series to get to enjoy them not only in so-called leading countries (I don’t like this terminology personally) but all over the world as long as I run this blog in English.

2 thoughts on “I Have Lived Ultra”

  1. Yes, the internet has changed everyone’s ability to receive information and to easily communicate with many people worldwide, and it is good to see a positive use of this ability such as your blog! Also, in the present day, there are many more Ultra items available (such as figures, models, books, cosplay accessories) than in the past, so it is easier to incorporate the Ultra spirit into one’s everyday life.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I love your wording ‘incorporate the Ultra spirit into one’s everyday life.’ I hope the spirit will prevail worldwide!

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