Idyllic merchandising

Drawing for merchandising of Ultraman (1966)

Taking a look at the face of the soft vinyl toy of Shodai (original) Ultraman, it looks similar to the front, side and back views of the drawing for merchandising of the time.

It’s not a design drawing by Tohl Narita, and it’s said that a variety of goods were made based on this drawing.

It seems that the photos of the front, side and back views of Ultraman were not taken though such photos would become indispensable for merchandising in later years.


Moreover, looks like there was not much of an idea of merchandising at the time.

First of all, the adults involved in merchandising were unlikely to understand that such characters as monsters would be so much liked by children with no precedent.

So a variety of goods including toys, stationery and snacks featuring monsters and the Ultra heroes were the ones produced after they became fully aware of the popularity of such characters among children.

Looks like it was after a while when the producers of the series themselves noticed the importance of merchandising clearly.


In the early stage of the production of “Ultraman,” the photos of the front, side and back views of the characters were not taken.

Therefore, for example, what the back of Alien Baltan looks like remains unknown even now.

The fact shows that the producers didn’t have much awareness of merchandising of the products.

But I love such idyllic days!

Front, side and back views of Ultra Seven (A Type mask; 1967)

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