“Ike(Go)! Godman” #1

“Ike! Godman”

After writing about the Tsuburaya tokusatsu show “Redman” in my previous posts, I “have no choice but” to refer to another tokusatsu series titled “Ike! (Go!) Godman” aired in the same way as “Redman.”

The show “Godman” broadcast from 1972 to 1973 as a 5 minute segment for the show “Ohayō! Kodomo Show (Good Morning! Kids Show)” aired in the same time slot from Monday through Friday in the morning back then.

“Godman” was produced by the movie company Toho instead of Tsuburaya Productions with the 52 stories consisting of its 260 episodes as each complete story broadcast being divided into six or three episodes (so you could watch one story a week or two stories a week).


As they got a higher budget than the previous show “Redman,” it is likely that newly designed kaiju characters and tokusatsu scenes with miniatures were featured along with the appearances of some Toho kaijus that appeared in their movies although the used costumes of kaiju characters or the stage show costumes were exclusively used for “Redman” that included the fights that just unfolded in the plain field while the location set didn’t make them look like giants at all in spite of the settings with which they were set to be 40 meters tall or so.

That being said, I remember the same miniature building was used every time for “Godman” with Godman and a kaiju fighting around the prop as if they were carefully trying not to break it seemingly with the consecutive use of the miniature in mind and that their fights could have been fought on the same outdoor cliff (I feel like the cliff had the miniature building built in an unnatural position) all the time even though I don’t remember much about the show “Godman” because I didn’t find it much enjoyable when I watched it just a couple of times as a kid.

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  1. I remember as kids, my friends and I wanted to see Redman, Godman, and Greenman because the hero designs looked so cool and unique. We knew about these shows from books/magazines, and also from the posters that I think were published by Keibunsha? The posters were folded up in a cardboard case. Each poster had a large picture of a hero on one side, and smaller pictures of the kaiju on the other side.

    Your description of the one building repeatedly used over and over again is so hilarious and makes me want to see Godman, but now for a different reason than when I was a kid!

    1. Oh, that’s great! I didn’t expect you had already known the three heroes you mentioned. Such posters referred to sound nostalgic as it is imaginable that the items of the same kind should have been available back then about tokusatsu shows.
      About the scene featuring the one building, I think that was how it went although I’m not sure. 🙂

      Watching the finely produced tokusatsu shows such as the primary Ultra Series is fun indeed, but the cheap-looking ones like Ultra Fight, Redman, Godman and Greenman should definitely have a strange attraction that drives us into seeing them again now!

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