“Ike(Go)! Godman” #2

I hope the name “Godman” will not be offensive to religious people as it is just the name of the show and the hero, and as long as the show actually existed in one way or another, I have got to refer to it when talking about the history of tokusatsu.

It is told online that the show was roughly produced for a tokusatsu show as a Godman’s weapon was found to get stuck on the costume of a kaiju, the toxic gas a kaiju sent out toward Godman permeated in a weird way according to the wind direction, an actor’s back got exposed through the opening of the costume, it was shown that a character hit the reflector board and the like.

And it is also pointed out that, although it was often found that the previous episode ended with the scene where Godman was driven to the wall, the following episode just began as if nothing had happened to him.


Godman has the ability to enlarge the size himself by shouting “Godman Kaku Dai! (Godman Enlarge!; maybe a brief pause between en and large if put into English)” after initially showing up in his human-sized form. As he shrinks back to the human size the moment his leg bands worn around the ankles were taken off by an opponent, the weak point seems to have often troubled him.

As to the way he fought with kaijus, chances are there were times when it didn’t make him look like a hero by hitting the opponent on the groin, going at the kaijus while they were fighting between them, begging the kaijus to spare his life and so on.

Incidentally, the weapon held in his hand in the above picture is likely to be called “God Circle” described as a weapon used like throwing the Frisbee as it was set to explode when hitting the opponent (probably with the use of gunpowder).

2 thoughts on ““Ike(Go)! Godman” #2”

  1. I love your descriptions of the hilarious production mistakes in Godman! They continue to make me want to see Godman even more. It makes Godman sound like a parody of tokusatsu!

    1. Thanks, RT. 🙂 I’m so happy to learn you have enjoyed my writing! Hahaha, being called a parody of tokusatsu may be appropriate for the show!

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