“Ike(Go)! Godman” #3

This is an image I found online although no detailed information is available about it; I think it is more likely that this is a mask of Godman recently reproduced while I am not sure.

The show “Godman” seems to have had some Toho kaijus appear such as Kamoebas, Gabara, Gorosaurus, Sanda and Gaira although it is left undescribed whether they were the real costumes used in the movies.

Godman’s mask was allegedly sculpted by Nobuyuki Yasumaru (1935-present), sculptor of Toho. It might have been new and unique to apply the part shaped like goggles to the mask design to cover the hero’s eyes that I believe managed to make Godman look distinctive enough from the Ultra Heroes of Tsuburaya Productions along with his hair.

And the newly produced kaijus were designed by Teizo Toshimitsu (1909-1982) while both of them are known to have been deeply involved in the Toho tokusatsu movies including the Godzilla series (Gorosaurus in the movies was the costume sculpted by Yasumaru while I think it was so excellently sculpted that it looked absolutely real).

Kaiju Ojisan of the time

It is likely that Kaiju Ojisan (Uncle Kaiju) played by Tetsuya Asado (1935-present) also appeared in the show “Godman” following the previous show “Redman” as the commentator who would make comments on the characters before and after the show, and there seem to have been episodes in which Kaiju Ojisan appeared in the episode as one of the spectators who watched Godman and a kaiju/kaijus fighting.

Even with some human characters who appeared in the episodes, it seems that there were no episodes with particular stories that were worth being called “stories” only featuring fights between Godman and the kaiju characters while the human characters always rushed away as they were threatened by the appearances of the kaijus on Mondays or Thursdays (the day when the new story began) and cheered for Godman without uttering no lines just watching him fight with the kaiju(s).

Kaiju Ojisan at present with Redman

It is explained that the episodes that had Kaiju Ojisan appear as one of them included something like a story properly with the lines spoken by them.

At any rate, I keep remembering the scene with the same miniature used every time where Godman and a kaiju showed their fight somewhat awkwardly (seemingly trying not to break the miniature) while I felt like the brave-sounding theme song (or its instrumental version) that played there without fail made the fighting scene look even odder.

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  1. In the picture of the Godman mask, there is a calendar in the upper left-hand corner. Too bad we cannot see the month or year, then we could tell when the picture was taken! Thank you for writing these entertaining posts about Godman. I had not thought about Godman since I was a kid!

    1. A calendar! You’re great! I didn’t notice that! 🙂 It is too faint and doesn’t have the whole picture of it so it’s impossible to see what it says. What a bummer!
      I’m glad to find my posts helped Godman not to slip off your memory!
      Thank YOU, RT!

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