Designer: Tohl Narita
Sculptor: Ryosaku Takayama (remodeled from Banila)
Actor: undescribed

Imora (imo signifies potato in Japanese. It could be used as a slang meaning “bumpkin” while I am not sure if Imora came from it) is a kaiju (mysterious beast, not pleasant one in his case) that appeared in “Kaiju Booska” Episode 9 “Booska’s great adventure.”

Imora is the only Booska character designed by Tohl Narita and sculpted by Ryosaku Takayama while the costume is the combination of the body remodeled from Banila that appeared in “Ultraman” and the newly sculpted head.

Incidentally, Tetsuo Yamamura says Imora’s horns were attached to Reborn Dorako by Kunio Suzuki, suit actor who was also in charge of kaiju costume maintenance (probably out of fun).

Booska and the kids started exploring the Jigokudani

The kaiju initially came in the form of an egg found by the kids led by Daisaku as it was enshrined in a hokora (miniature shrine) in the Jigokudani (Hell Valley that exists in real life in Hakone near Mt. Fuji).

After they tried to heat the egg and left it in a hot spring (Jigokudani is a volcanic area; the egg scenes in the hot spring are reminiscent of the Bostang egg), the monster was hatched from it on that night in the midst of thunder and lightning.

Imora’s egg at the bottom of the hot spring

Imora has horns which light up while he has no particular weaponry, and he raged in a petroleum complex after derailing a locomotive.

Meanwhile Booska was in captivity with his Boo Crown that generates his superpower off under two burglars who stole boxes of dynamite after Booska who had mistaken them for delivery men, of all things, helped them load their truck with the dynamite boxes out of kindness.

The kids tried to defeat Imora with their balloon bombs (they look like balloons commonly available) but in vain with Imora coming closer to them!

The “Takayama eyes” are recognisable

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