When he got back the Boo Crown, Booska rushed flying in the sky to the scene where Imora was approaching the intimidated kids.

After Daisaku passed on a bunch of dynamite to him, Booska soared into the sky to Imora and tossed the dynamite into Imora’s mouth so that the explosion brought the kaiju to death.

It is hilarious to see the scenes of Imora rising up to Heaven properly illustrated even with a halo apparently made of a circular fluorescent light bulb.

Along with the background music that can also be heard in the background of “Ultra Q” and “Ultraman” (the music for these three shows including “Booska” was composed by Kunio Miyauchi), the scenes in which Imora showed up and went on rampage with the petroleum storage tanks set ablaze with a huge explosion were so impressive as to make me feel like I am watching “Ultraman” in black and white even while even optical compositing is found to have been used.

As Tomohiro Miyamoto who played Daisaku also appeared in “Ultraman” Episode 25 “Strange Comet Cyphon,” the appearance of Imora remodeled from Banila in “Booska” is said to have realized the crossover between the two shows while it is seen as a thoughtful arrangement for kid viewers.

Given these facts, it really comes home to me that they produced their shows devotedly to make viewer kids happy in the midst of the unprecedented Kaiju Boom that arose in the wake of the Godzilla movies and the Ultra Series shows (Ultra Q and Ultraman at this stage).

In this Booska episode directed by Kazuho Mitsuta renowned for his direction of the Ultra Series episodes (especially of “Ultraseven”), Senkichi Omura well known for his eccentric-looking performance in the Ultra Series such as a man addicted to gold in “Ultraman” Episode 29  played the role of a burglar comically and showed his overwhelming presence even in the comedy tokusatsu show.

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    1. Wow! I didn’t know Gabibbo at all. It is so interesting to learn about such characters totally unfamiliar to us while they should be well known in your country!

      Although I am not sure if Booska with English subtitles are around, I hope the show will become widely available to get people outside of Japan to enjoy it along with the Ultra Series while I personally see Booska as another show of the “Fantasy Tokusatsu Series” consisting of Ultra Q, Ultraman and Ultraseven.

      Hahaha, it is fun to find the ancient clay figure (dogu) even has its name King Joe in the Chinese characters! Yes, it can read as “King Joe.” 🙂 It is great you found out the article even though it is in Japanese!

      Thank you for sharing all these things, they are so wonderful!

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