Severe SFX shooting

Ultraman in flames (Episode 13)

Without computer graphics like today, the mostly hand-made SFX shooting set of the time should have been so hard and carried risk.

There were times when the shooting was done on the set in flames.

It should be impossible now under the current fire laws.

We sometimes see the monster suit catch fire in the drama.


Satoshi (Bin) Furuya says the mask he wore got so hot with the heat of the flames as he couldn’t even touch it.

According to him, flames are better than water, though.

He says he came near to drowning in the shooting using a pool because the water which got in through the eyeholes beneath Ultraman’s eyes didn’t go away.

I’m horrified by thought of drowning or being roasted in the suit.


Mr. Furuya says he tried on the suit of Nelonga just one time and that he couldn’t move at all because it’s so heavy.

He admires Haruo Nakajima sincerely who acted briskly with such a heavy monster suit on.

Teruo Aragaki mentioned yesterday seems to have thought in late life it would be OK with him to remain a backseat player as long as the viewers are attracted while being happy about the continuing popularity of the monsters he acted.

I wish the achievements of the suit actors would be better known, though.

Ultraman in water (Episode 6)

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