Episode Episode 21: Pursue the Undersea Base
Alias Battleship Robot
Height 80 meters
Weight 150,000 tons
Homeplace Undersea
Features Recycled robot manipulated by Alien Mimy
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Sculpture crew of Tsuburaya Productions

Ironrocks is the robot monster Alien Mimy built by collecting and putting together debris of sunken ships.

I find it very much ecological.

In the drama it was narrated the same kind of robots appeared in various regions of the world (no scenes of the other ones).

While each of them was generally called Ironrocks, it was learnt they were to explode violently 15 minutes after they completely stopped moving.


The one that appeared in Japan seems to have been built mainly using the debris of the Japanese battleship Yamato.

In the drama Furuhashi on one of the Hydrangers (TDF submarines) reported to Captain Kiriyama that he couldn’t find the debris of Yamato.

The Japanese version of Ironrocks emerged in Shimoda Port, Shizuoka Prefecture, and attacked the port. (Why Shimoda?)

With Ultraseven held captive in shackles, it was going to detonate itself taking Seven with it.


But a strong beam attack Ultraseven fired spinning in mid air severely damaged Ironrocks. (I’ve found it explained as Rolling Spark on the Net)

The spin freed Ultraseven, and Ironrocks was finished off with his Emerium Beam.

Honestly speaking, when I first looked at this battleship robot as a child, I just thought, “What’s this odd thing?”

I don’t think it gained popularity among us kids (no toys of Ironrocks), but I now find this episode quite worth watching.

Because it’s full of the SFX scenes featuring the mecha (equipment) of the Ultra Garrison including the Hydrangers, the Pointer launching missiles at Ironrocks and more.

It’s also very much exciting to see Kiriyama challenge Ironrocks alone with the Ultra Hawk 1.

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    1. I do quite agree. Dubbed films could make the products less attractive. Thanks for your comments all the time. They are so encouraging!

    1. The Crunchyroll service seems to be unavailable here in Japan, but I definitely remember the monster ship. Now I’ve found the pic on the Net. Ironroks looks much better, doesn’t it?

      1. I do agree, Ironrocks does look better!

        As for Crunchyroll, they are providing Japanese drama, anime, and some manga to audiences outside Japan for a licensing fee (I pay to watch Ultraman shows that I may have never been able to see!). I think there is a legal issue that prevents them from showing the original Ultraman up to Ultraman Taro (the first six Ultra), I have been able to buy DVD’s of those.

        1. I think it’s good people outside Japan can enjoy those things.
          As I’m emotionally attached to the classic series, I’m going to stick to them.
          Hope you will enjoy.

          1. Thank you very much for your site, it’s a lot of fun reading up on Ultra Q, Ultraman, and Ultraseven (I love all those shows!). By the way, the American dubbed version of Ultraseven, I think they did a bad job on producing those, I prefer the Japanese original.

          2. Is that right? The Japanese original with English subtitles? Or you may understand Japanese.
            Anyway I hope my site will be of any help for better understanding of the classic series I love among people outside Japan.

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