Episode Episode 23: “My Home is the Earth”
Alias Planet Dwelling Monster
Height 50 m
Weight 10,000 t
Emergence Japan
Homeplace Earth
Features Breathing out fire; vulnerable to water
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Teruo Aragaki

Among the monsters of “Ultraman” or even including the other series, Jamyra (Jamila) is a well-known and unforgettable monster.

Jamyra attacked airplanes and ships with participants for the upcoming International Peace Conference in Tokyo on board by his invisible spacecraft.

The SSSP succeeded in making the spacecraft visible, and Jamyra showed up.

Alan who was dispatched from the SSSP Paris General Headqurter explained to the Japanese equivalent members with a groan.

Jamyra’s spacecraft

“You guys…It’s not a monster. It…No. He was a human like us.”

Jamyra was an astronaut of a certain country who went missing in space in the midst of competitive space exploitation.

He reached a planet and survived there in extreme environments, which made him mutate into a monstrous form.

He rebuilt his rocket over the years and returned to earth vengefully.

Ide sympathized with Jamyra and showed his reluctance to attack the monsterized human.

Alan informed the SSSP members of the General Headquarter’s decision to destroy Jamyra just as a monster.


Ide cried at Jamyra rampaging  and breathing out fire, “You Jamyra! Don’t you have humanity any more?”

Though Ide’s cry stunned Jamyra temporarily, Jamyra appeared at the Peace Conference venue to ruin it.

Jamyra showed strong resistance to flames, but he was vulnerable to water as he came back from a waterless planet.


With Ultra Water Stream sprayed by Ultraman Jamyra eventually fell down to the ground letting out an anguished cry.

The Peace Conference was held safely.

Ide kept standing in front of Jamyra’s tombstone built by the SSSP with the epitaph admiring Jamyra as a contributor to scientific development.

Incidentally I noticed the epitaph engraved in French says Jamila instead of Jamyra.

“This is always the case with victims. They only get a nice word…” Ide groaned.


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