Episode Episode 10: “The Mysterious Dinosaur Base”
Alias Frilled Dinosaur
Height 45 m (147.6 ft)
Weight 20,000 t (44,090,000 lb)
Emergence Lake Kitayama (fictional)
Homeplace Loch Ness
Features Breathing out heat ray
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Akira Sasaki (frill)
Actor Haruo Nakajima

Jirass (pronounced as Jiraasu in Japanese) is a biped monster with an appearance like frilled Godzilla.

It’s set to have been a remaining dinosaur originally which was discovered alive by Dr. Nakamura at Loch Ness well known for Loch Ness Monster (Nessie) in Japan as well.

Dr. Nakamura secretly brought it back to Japan and reared it in a local lake for 15 years.

Dr. Nakamura nicknamed as Dr. Monster was a suspicious-looking scientist whose real identity was Prof. Nikaido who went missing at Loch Ness 15 years ago.

Dr. Nakamura nicknamed as Dr. Monster


In short, Jirass is a monster secretly reared by a mad scientist addicted to dinosaurs.

While being raised, Jirass mutated into a monster capable of breathing out a heat ray (not an atomic breath), and it emerged from the lake at last.

Prof. Nikaido who got undisguised and identified himself in front of the SSSP members was accidentally trampled by Jirass.

Jirass had its frill torn off by Ultraman who showed up.

That realized Ultraman vs. Godzilla virtually.

Prof. Nikaido

The costume of Jirass was that of Godzilla with a frill attached to it as you might be aware.

And the battle Ultraman vs. Godzilla was intentionally plotted.

Jirass was acted by Haruo Nakajima, well-known original Godzilla actor.

Ultraman put the torn frill back to the neck of Jirass gently after it was defeated as if he mourned its death.

Prof. Nikaido also died after creeping out of breath toward dead Jirass and continuing to cry its name pitifully.


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