Episode Episode 4: Mammoth Flower
Alias Mammoth Flower
Height 100 meters
Weight 3,000 tons
Homeplace Marunouchi
Features Giant bloodsucking plant that a huge ancient bulb lying underground sprouted
Designer Undescribed
Sculptor Eizo Kaimai; Akira Sasaki
Actor None (prop)

Juran is the giant bloodsucking ancient flower that appeared in the heart of Marunouchi business streets of Tokyo suddenly oneday.

It’s just called ‘Mammoth Flower’ in the show instead of ‘Juran.’

With its plant roots spreading out and raging in the water of the Imperial Palace moat or in the basements of buildings, its giant flower showed up in the midst of the business streets.


Juran sucks human blood with its thorns by letting its roots coil around people like a huge constrictor snake  (no bloody scenes, though).

And, moreover, toxic pollen are released from its giant flower while Ippei and his girlfriend were trapped inside a building.

After the two were rescued, the carbon dioxide fixative sprinkled over the mammoth flower from a device dropped by the Cessna that Manjome flew made the blood sucking plant wilt and melt down.


This is the first episode of Ultre Q in production order, and Hiroko Sakurai who played Yuriko Edogawa says she remembers well that the shooting of the series featuring the cast members started with the ‘moat scenes.’

So that makes us find features of the period when the series were being shot as ‘Unbalance’ with the theme ‘what if the disruption of nature balance occur’ before they were diverted to shows mainly featuring kaiju monsters with the title changed to ‘Ultra Q.’

Juran is the pioneering plant monster that heralds Green Monse, SuflanKeronia and Alien Waiell that appeared in the later Ultra Series.


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