Kagaku Tokusotai (Science Special Search Party)

With the exception of “Ultra Q”, a so-called “defense team” to battle with Kaijyu appears in the Ultra Series.

Their mecha and human drama is also attractive along with the Ultra heroes and Kaijyu.

In the world of “Ultraman”, it is Kagaku Tokusotai.

Although its official English name is Science Special Search Party, it literally means Science   Special Investigation Team or something like that.

In the setting, it belongs to International Science Police Organization which has the headquarter in Paris.

Its official name is Kagaku Tokubetsu Sosatai and is also abbreviated as Kagaku Tokusotai or Katokutai.

Also in the setting, Dr. Ichinotani who appears in “Ultra Q” has established the Japan branch.

(This is not mentioned at all in the drama of “Ultraman.”)

The five members of Japan branch consists of Captain Muramatsu (called Cap) , Hayata, Arashi, Ide and Akiko Fuji.

Hoshino is a boy allowed to get in and out of Katokutai.

But he is officially admitted to Katokutai later.

Hoshino is meant to be a representative of all the children watching “Ultraman” on TV.

How much he was the envy of boys all over Japan is imaginable.

In “Ultra Q”, the same three civilians encounter with mysterious incidents or Kaijyu every time.

It was pointed out that the situation is unnatural even from the production side.

The organization which is not unnatural to encounter with mysterious incidents or Kaijyu.

That was Katokutai.

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