Kaiju actors


It’s known Booska of “Kaiju Booska” and Kanegon of “Ultra Q” were played by the same suit actor named, Haruyoshi Nakamura.

Besides “Mr. Godzilla,” Haruo Nakajima, many suit actors also contributed to giving life to the Ultra monsters.

We always see their names in the opening credits of each episode.

They worked on the possibly unsafe shootings even at the risk of their life on the set.



Satoshi (Bin) Furuya says in his memoir it was the kaiju actors who played the leading role in the series rather than Ultraman he played, taking a back seat to them.

Dodongo (“Ultraman”; Episode 12 “Cry of the Mummy”) and Pester  (“Ultraman”; Episode 13 “Oil S.O.S.”)  are unique monsters played by two actors within who are Teruo Aragaki and Yukihiro Kiyono.

According to Mr. Furuya’s memoir, they suffered from oxygen deficiency in the shooting of the former, including Mr. Furuya himself.


Mr. Furuya and Mr. Aragaki (right) of the time

In the latter shooting accompanied by fire and water, both of which Mr. Furuya says were most challenging and scaring in suit acting, Mr. Aragaki and Mr. Kiyono seem to have risked their life literally.

The Mr. Aragaki passed away at the age of 77 in 2014 according to a recent book.

He also played Gamera, the Daiei (movie company) monster comparable to Godzilla.

I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude for the kaiju actors who gave us a big dream.

Let me give them a big hand!!!

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