KAIJU BOOSKA, equivalent of Ultraman’s brother


As to the post of the day before yesterday, the boy with a space suit on was played by then child actor Tomohiro Miyamoto.

He also played the leading role as Daisaku Tonda in “Kaiju Booska” at the time.

“Booska” is the monochrome TV SFX series produced by Tsuburaya Productions and broadcast from November 1966 to September 1967 with 47 episodes in total.

It’s almost around the same time as “Ultraman” broadcast from July 1966 though on different TV stations.


Daisaku (What an impressive smile!)

It’s said “Booska” was initially produced inspired by “Kanegon’s Cocoon” (Episode 15) of “Ultra Q.” 

“Kanegon’s Cocoon” features a monster appearing suddenly in daily life, and a sort of slapstick is depicted.

“Booska” follows the same theme.

Booska is a funny and usually life-sized monster an iguana kept by Daisaku mutates into.

He is mighty and very much fond of ramen noodle.

In the later episodes, his younger brother named Chamegon appears.



I love the cute and friendly monsters and the heartwarming episodes very much.

Incidentally, the word kaiju of “Kaiju Booska” means “pleasant monster” in the Chinese character instead of the usual kaiju which means monster.

I think Booska could be equivalent to Ultraman’s younger brother in a sense.

It’s exactly another world of Ultra to me.

“Strange Comet Cyphon,” Episode 25 of “Ultraman,” could be the crossover among Ultraman, Godzilla and Booska!

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