Kaiju Friends


These are photos which I think show how much popularity Ultra Kaiju had at the time.

They are not pictures of mine but the ones shown in books which were so impressive to me.

The top one is a famous picture of the Ultra Q kaiyu show featuring Kanegon, Ragon and M1 in an amusement park named Mukogaoka Yuen of Japan. (1966)

The Mukogaoka Yuen is an amusement park which used to be in Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, from 1927 to 2002 and was popular in my childhood.

This must have been one of the pioneering kaiju shows.


This is likely to be another show with Yasuhiko Saijo who played Ippei Togawa in Ultra Q as the MC in which Reborn Dorako and Guigass can be seen. (1967)

Saijo, now 77, is said to have invited children to a self-arranged kaiju show held in his neighborhood every year until recently.


This picture shows Reborn Dorako and Eleking who visited a facility in which we see kids on wheelchairs in the back. (1967)

All these kaiju suits in the above photos are real ones used for shooting. How gorgeous!

The worn-out suit of Reborn Dorako tells us he was used for kaiju shows around the country.

I guess it was after this period when suits exclusively for attraction started to be made.

As shown in these photos, kaiju, not only the Ultra heroes, were friends and buddies for children.

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