Kaiju gimmicks

The attraction of Ultra Kaiju is not only the designs and modelings.

I was also charmed with the gimmicks they were given.

I think gimmicks are one of the charms Ultra Kaiju of the early Ultra Series have.

It was Shigeo Kurakata who was in charge of gimmicks including those to make Kaiju illuminated.


For example, Alien Baltan’s eyes are excellent.

They keep moving from side to side, keep turning around and keep gleaming.

It’s a great job even though Mr. Kurakata says it’s not his regarding Alien Baltan,

Mr. Kurakata gave Alien Mefilas (Ultraman), Zetton (Ultraman) or Alien Metron (Ultra Seven) gimmicks to gleam in relay system.

The illumination was synchronized with their dialogues (except Zetton which doesn’t speak) even though it was manually controlled.

It was superb!


Eleking’s antennas each of which turns the other way around respectively (Ultra Seven) was very much impressive, too.

So was the movement of Alien Vira’s legs. (Ultra Seven)

Nelonga’s  antennas and single horn were also nice. (Ultraman)

Before it discharges, the antennas face forward and the single horn gleam in relay system.


It was a shame we see fewer Kaiju which have such gimmicks for the sake of the budget and schedule in later term of “Ultra Seven.”

Especially, the illumination was intended to differentiate Ultra Kaiju from Toho Kaiju such as Godzilla.

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