Kaijyu Show

“Pointer” in “Ultra Seven”

In the previous post, I mentioned “Kaijyu Show.”

I myself was not taken to such show in my childhood except the one held in Futago Tamagawa Park in Tokyo. (This park was closed in 1985.)

I don’t remember what was on there.

I don’t remember I met any Kaijyu or heroes there.

Probably the show may not have had many things.

I just remember “Pointer” was displayed there.

Unfortunately, no photo for an unknown reason.

I may have had a photo with me in front of Pointer but it’s missing.

It was sometime in the 1970’s.

Probably around time “Kaette-kita Ultraman” was on TV.

So I must have been around 10 years old.

Autograph sessions with the regular cast of “Ultraman” and “Ultra Seven” were also held and assembled many people.

Koji Moritsugu, actor for Dan Moroboshi who transforms into Ultra Seven, recalls in his memoir he was in trouble being asked by children at the show to transform into Seven with the Ultra Eye (transformation item).

He says most surprizing was an autograph session which was held in a department store in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Too many people got together there and the session was suspended.

He just waved his hand on the rooftop to the people.

It is imaginable how popular “Ultra” was at that time.

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