KANEGON (making)

Primary design of Kanegon drawn by Tohl Narita

Tohl Narita: (about Kanegon) “The head is from a coin purse. While the body looks like a human, considering the proportional balance with the head, I made the belly and tail stick out. For the whole texture, I had an image of a spiral shell.”

When trying to write about the making of Kanegon, I have realized little information on it seems to be available unexpectedly with no pictures showing the sculpturing process, so there is not much to talk about here unfortunately.

Finalized design of Kanegon drawn by Tohl Narita

Although I myself had not noticed it either, the Kanegon costume didn’t have the thumbs and index fingers covered with the texture leaving the actor’s fingers exposed to be able to pick up coins more easily than otherwise.

This should be a trick the black and white show made possible as it will definitely make us feel odd if it is a color show, which makes me wonder how it was dealt with in the color version of “Ultra Q” newly processed.

Kanegon’s cocoon design drawn by Tohl Narita

As to the cocoon, while Tohl Narita just refers to it as one of the designs for Kanegon’s cocoon, I like this design as it looks very much attractive sculpturally while the actual cocoon that appeared in the show looked different from the design (it looked more like a mere cocoon).

While it is well known among fans that the series “Kaiju Booska” was planned and produced getting inspiration from “Kanegon’s Cocoon” as they thought it would be fun to have a friendly human-sized kaiju among people in their daily lives, Kanegon and Booska were played by the same actor, Haruyoshi Nakamura (Kunio Suzuki and Yukihiro Kiyono also played Booska according to the episode).

Color photo of Kanegon covered in a magazine of the time (you can see the actors fingers exposed as they are)

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