Episode Episode 15: Kanegon’s Cocoon
Alias Coin Monster
Height 2 meters
Weight 200 kilograms
Homeplace Suburb of Tokyo
Features Feeding on coins
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Haruyoshi Nakamura
Voice Mitsuko Aso

Kanegon is a human-sized monster Kaneo Kaneda (Satoshi Tsujisawa; voiced by Mitsuko Aso), a boy who awfully loves money, mutated into.

The monster characteristically has a head shaped like a coin purse (it has zippers as well) with down-slanting eyes sticking up and a nicely bloated belly like a pregnant woman.

He also has two tiny balls on the top of each foot that glow every time he steps on the ground.

Kaneo and his parents

Although Kaneo’s parents reproved his extreme attachment to money by saying he would become a kaiju named Kanegon if he should stay greedy with money, the impudent boy just laughed it away.

Right after this, however, Kaneo was sucked into the cocoon (it became huge) he had got from his friends and brought back home as it rang like it had a few coins inside.

And he found that he had truly turned into Kanegon!

Kanegon coming out of the cocoon

As his energy source is coins, Kanegon had to eat money to live, and he would allegedly die if the cash register on his chest should indicate zero.

Kanegon caused a stir showing up at a bank where he ended up devouring coins a woman had dropped in surprise at the sight of the kaiju.

And his friends figured out he would be able to turn back into Kaneo if Hige-oyaji could have been made to stand on his head.

Hige-oyaji (literally mustache old man) was a foreman of the construction site where the children used as their playground and their arch-rival seeing kids playing there as enemies.

Kanegon will die without eating money constantly

They managed to turn Hige-oyaji upside down on the cliff side as the result, and Kanegon turned back into Kaneo (how funny!).

When Kaneo got back home with glee, an unbelievable sight awaited him there. (I’m not going to say what it is even though I assume many people already know it. Watch the DVD!)

This is truly a hilarious and sarcastic episode I really love featuring one of the masterpiece monsters while this episode is also known as the one in which the regular cast members didn’t appear at all.

The names Kanegon and Kaneo Kaneda came from kane, the Japanese word for money.

HIgeoyaji (left) going the rounds in the construction site on crawler tractor

5 thoughts on “KANEGON”

  1. Kanegon is truly a masterpiece monster, in how its design ties with its name and the plot of the episode. Its head not only looks like a purse but also like a shellfish like a clam or a mussel. Its eyes are dead-on like the eyes of a sea conch like Lobatus gigas. Since the character for seashell is part of the character for money the connection is pretty obvious. I also like that he has that little money counter in the same spot where an employee would have their name tag! I wrote a couple of paragraphs just on Kanegon in my paper so it’s still fresh in my head 😅

      1. Thank you so much for your kindness. Everything is fine in my place, I live on an island where earthquakes don’t reach. Sadly that also means we can’t go and help the victims like others in the mainland.

    1. Yes. Kanegon looks very much like a shellfish called sazae turban shell that is very much popular in Japan as it tastes good!

      The design is apparently associated with seashells used as the primitive currency in ancient times.
      Tohl Narita says in his art book he designed Kanegon imagining a spiral shell.

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