“Kanegon’s Cocoon” With Aliens Included

Aliens talking to each other in spacecraft (top right); Kaneo looks much more handsome (leftmost in the circle at the bottom)

The “Ultra Q Pictorial” I purchased the other day also has a read of “Kanegon’s Cocoon” adapted for kid readers of the magazine of the time that covered the story.

Surprisingly enough, the story includes the appearance of aliens and it is found that the aliens made Kaneo Kaneda transform into Kanegon.

The aliens came to dwell on Earth and were talking with each other in their spacecraft staying at the height of 10,000 meters above Earth.

Researcher Alien: “Captain, there seem to be too many people on this planet who would do anything for money.  Unless we do something about it soon, it may give us a hard time when we start to live there. […] I hear a boy named Kaneo Kaneda is terribly greedy about money among them.”

Kanegon begged one of his friends to help him out just like the episode story of the show (top left)

Captain Alien: “OK, we will make that boy into Kanegon as a warning. That will make everyone a good person.”

In this story, Kaneo who had found the cocoon was dragged into it by one of the aliens.

Agent Alien: “hhh…I’m supposed to put the Kanegon costume on him and put him under hypnosis!” (what? Is it a costume???)

The rest of the story is almost the same as the real “Kanegon’s Cocoon” episode although Kanegon tried to feed himself at the mint bureau instead of the bank and he returned to Kaneo while sleeping after he had eaten enough money.

Caption: “Aliens happy with the outcome of the Project Kanegon.”

Although the ending of the story is the same as the show in which Kaneo found his parents had turned into Kanegons, Captain Alien who watched all this laughs in their spacecraft, “Hahaha, the Project Kanegon has turned out to be a great success. If we carry out this project one after another, that will make this planet a good place to live as people reflect on their own behaviors.”

It is hard to tell whether these aliens are good guys or bad guys…

What surprised me was that this magazine story was written by Aritsune Toyota/Toyoda who is known as a famous Japanese sci-fi writer who also got involved in such anime shows as “Tetsuwan (Astroboy) Atom” and the planning of “Space Battleship Yamato” in later years.

I think it is another fun thing to see a writer create his own story to expand or stretch an episode of the series. It makes me feel a sense of history that a 1000 yen coin released in commemoration of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and a Kennedy coin are referred to in this read while they were also eaten by Kanegon.

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