Episode Episode 21: “Breach the Wall of Smoke”
Alias Poison Gas Monster
Height 35 m
Weight 10,000 t
Emergence Omuyama Mountain
Homeplace Omuyama Mountain
Features Breathing out sulfurous acid gas; destruction beam from the tail
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Kunio Suzuki

Kemlar (Kemular) is a monster which emerged from a crater of the volcano named Omuyama Mountain (fictional mountain) as the mountain supposed to be extinct resumed its volcanic activity.

One day dead birds were found on the mountain.

And hikers witnessed the eyes of a monster in the volcanic smoke.

In addition it was reported that dead fish were found floating in the river and so on.

The culprit was Kemlar which breathed out a high level of sulfurous acid gas.

It also had a forked tail capable of emitting a destruction beam by lifting the tail like a scorpion.


It has two strips of shell on the back to open up for intimidation.

It also has a luminescent organ inflating and deflating alternately (it’s described as its heart in publication) in between the shells.

It was Kemlar’s weak point.

I mixed up Kemlar with Gorgos appearing in Episode 7 “S.O.S. Mount Fuji” of “Ultra Q” as a kid.

Because Gorgos also had a luminescent organ of the same kind on its back which also was the monster’s weak point.


Kemlar rampaged and destroyed the town at the foot of Omuyama Mountain.

Contrary to appearances Kemlar is a strong monster Spaceum Beam didn’t work on after Antler.

madbazookaIt was defeated by a new weapon Ide invented and developed with the name of Mad Bazooka.

After it had its weak point shot by the bazooka, it disappeared throwing itself into the volcanic crater.

It’s an eerie monster which made sounds like low-pitched frog croaks and appeared from the volcanic crater with the theme music of “Ultra Q” in the background.

Luminescent organ on the back of Kemlar

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