Ties among Kemur, Furuya and Narita

Mr. Furuya in Kemur

Anyway, Kemur should have certainly spearheaded the design of aliens in the early Ultra Series.

A wet suit was used on the first attempt as a material for a monster.

The material made a slender-looking monster (alien) possible, making best use of the actor’s body shape.

That made Tohl Narita, designer, very much happy and satisfied with the finish.

It must have led to the usage of a wet suit for Ultraman.


The monsters and aliens Mr. Narita designed should have been living and moving sculptures for him.

That presumably made him stick to the finish of each monster.

Ryosaku Takayama did a great job living up to Mr. Narita’s expectation in molding Narita-designed monsters.

The head of Kemur is also the work of Mr. Takayama.

So is Alien Quraso.


Mr. Furuya with the unfinished suit on

It’s easily imagined how much Mr. Narita got attached to the creation of Ultraman as a hero never seen before.

Seeing Mr. Furuya play Kemur beautifully, it’s only natural Mr. Narita persuaded him to play Ultraman successively.

Mr. Furuya was unwilling to play as a suit actor any more after acting Kemur and Ragon as he was an ordinary actor of Toho Company.

Mr. Narita pleaded with him to say yes to the role of Ultraman.

Thus the great hero of all time came into being.

Kemur contributed a lot to the birth of Ultraman!

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