Kemur, prototype of Ultra aliens


Kemur (Kemur-jin) is an alien appearing in “Ultra Q” (Episode 19 “Challenge from the Year 2020” ) .

It could be called the origin or prototype of the Ultra aliens Tohl Narita designed.

It’s one of the Ultra aliens I like best.

When you talk about aliens in those days, people must have thought about a multi-legged and octopus-like Martian with no Giger’s alien yet.


Or some people might have brought up the image of the unique aliens drawn by Edd Cartier, American science fiction illustrator, which were introduced in publications at the time in Japan.

It seems even Tohl Narita could not be free from such influence.

But Kemur is an epoch-making and amazing design of an alien which Mr. Narita said was a satisfactory work.

It has three eyes around the cylindrical shaped head.


It’s impressive when the two facing the front move from side to side.

Mr. Narita says he used a technique of Egyptian art for the alien.

Finally, it has an unsymmetrical appearance which makes us wonder which side is the front.

The obscurity is quite attractive.

The head always looks the same when seen from every side with an eye on the back as well.

Side view of lying Kemur with the third eye on the back

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