Episode Episode 19: Challenge from the Year 2020
Alias Abduction Mysterious Man
Height 1.9 – 30 meters
Weight 40 kilograms – 15,000 tons
Homeplace Planet Kemur
Features From Planet Kemur which has the time of the year 2020
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Satoshi Furuya

Kumur is the alien from a planet with a timeline (time axis) of the year 2020.

Although they obtained amazing longevity as long as 500 years with the development of medical science, they can’t stop physical deterioration caused by aging.

Thus they came to Earth to abduct people targetting earthlings’ young bodies.

These are referred to in the book ‘Challenge from the Year 2020’ written by Dr. Kanda who claimed he had wrote it through communication with Kemur while experimenting on the X channel lightwave.


While Lieutenant Colonel Amano (Akiji Kobayashi) who found jet fighter of the Self Defense Force smashed by an intruding UFO on radar, the staff didn’t believe his words.

Kemur abducted people one after another including Manjome with a jelly-like liquid called the ‘deletion energy resource’ given out of the funnel-shaped tip of the head that causes people who have touched it to vanish and to be transmitted to Planet Kemur.

Kemur is capable of running faster than a police car trying to capture him and transformed into Manjome in use of their transformation capability.

Kemur has the third eye on the back of his head

Ippei and Amano visited Dr. Kanda’s home just after he was abducted as well, but they found a sample of the K miniode in his room, the source of the X channel light wave.

The light wave emitted from Tokyo Tower defeated Kemur who was rampaging in an amusement park after becoming a giant there so that his own liquid deleted himself.

Although the abducted people came back all in one piece wrapped up in a fog which fell down from the sky, Detective Udagawa (Kan Yanagiya), who played a major role in protecting Yuriko from Kemur, ended up going missing after he stepped in a puddle (it turned out to be the deletion liquid) mischievously.

Lieutenant Colonel Amano and Ippei heading for Dr. Kanda’s home

Kemur is the alien I find extremely attractive whose cylindrical head has three eyes positioning at different heights while the appearance should show the aging deterioration.

He is usually (and officially) called Kemur-jin (Kemur Human) in Japanese instead of Kemur-seijin (Alien Kemur) somehow.

While Kemur reappeared as Kemur II in Episode 33 ‘The Forbidden Words’ of Ultraman, it is also well known that Kemur of Ultra Q was played by Satoshi (Bin) Furuya who was to act Ultraman later.

The laugh-like sounds human-sized Kemur makes were diverted to those of Alien Baltan of Ultraman.

Detective Udagawa aiming at Kemur with a pistol

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