Episode Episode 31: “Who Goes There?”
Alias Blood-sucking Plant
Height 50 cm – 50 m
Weight 80 g – 10,000 t
Emergence SSSP Japan Headquarter
Homeplace South America
Features High intelligence; flammable in infancy; resistible to Spaceum Beam
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Koji Ougi
Human Form Nadao Kirino

Keronia is a plant human having the body covered with leaves who evolved from blood-sucking plants Dr. Jiro Goto discovered in South America 20 years ago.

They evolved into higher forms of life exceeding humankind and feeding chiefly on human blood.

And they plotted to invade the earth as intelligent life in place of human beings.

He sneaked into the SSSP Japan Headquarter by disguising himself as an SSSP member from the equivalent of South America.

Goto and welcoming Ide

He identified himself as Dr. Goto’s son and pretended to have come back to Japan for the first time in 20 years.

At the same time mysterious-looking plants appeared in a city which were actually infant Keronia that Goto brought in.

Goto showed his true colors as Keronia in front of Akiko Fuji and ran away after making her faint with his mysterious beam from the eyes.

He summoned an army of their airships to launch a full-scale attack on Japan.

Giant Keronia he turned into made sounds like an elephant and went on a rampage in the streets.


Ultraman’s Spaceum Beam had no effect on Keronia.

As time was running short with Color Timer beeping, Ultraman used a technique unseen before all of a sudden.

It’s Ultra Attack Beam (It was named so in later years) which smashed Keronia.

Keronia’s airships were also destroyed by the SSSP and Ultraman.

As to the infant Keronia, Arashi reported housewives in the neighborhood happily brought the blood-sucking plants back home as they burnt well as fuel when broken down into small pieces.

Incredible housewives…

Ultra Attack Beam

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