Episode Episode 14 & 15: Westward, Ultra Garrison
Alias Space Robot/Alien Pedan’s Robot
Height 55 meters
Weight 48,000 tons
Homeplace Planet Pedan
Features Capable to separate into four flying/diving objects; super power; emitting a mysterious beam from the eyes
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Haruyoshi Nakamura

King Joe is the robot manipulated by Alien Pedan for invasion on the Earth.

Although it was named as such later after being aired, it was treated and referred to as Alien Pedan’s Robot with no particular name in the first place.

The main feature of this super robot is that it’s capable to separate into four parts, each of which can travel in the sea and the sky and join together into the robot form.


It destroyed the Atomic Submarine Arthur in the separate form and then came flying to the TDF Rokko Defense Center in Kobe where the pieces joined into the robot.

It also went on a rampage in the Kobe Port in the sequel Episode 15.

Its super power exceeded Ultraseven, and Ultraseven’s super weapons had no effect on its sturdy armor (although it looks soft).

The super robot made Dr. Tsuchida admire its amazing functions and mechanisms.


It fought a fierce fight against Ultraseven through the two-parted episode.

It was destroyed eventually with the Raiton (/rahyton/) R30 Bomb developed by Dr. Tsuchida in cooperation with Dorothy Anderson who was held hostage by Alien Pedan and finally released.

Alien Pedan’s spacecraft embedded in the abdominal part of the robot was also shot down and smashed by Ultraseven with his Wide Shot.

King Joe is one of the most popular characters among the Ultraseven kaiju, and I also definitely love it.

Making mysterious electric sounds constantly, the super robot which made its way in defiance of any attacks, of course, showing no emotions excited and charmed us so much.

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