Knack Of Kaiju Desining

Jamyra from Tohl Narita’s art book

I apologize If my post about Pandon referred to as something like kushikatsu unintentionally offended any Pandon fans!

Getting back to the talk about Noriyoshi Ikeya, while Ryosaku Takayama advised Ikeya to distort the human body shape to design monsters, that seems to have been what Tohl Narita incorporated into his designing.

Narita says in his art book he designed Jamyra at the idea of distorting the human body shape not to make it look like a costume worn by an actor.

I vividly remember I read an article about King Joe in an issue of the Bokura Magazine or Shonen Magazine showing the design process of King Joe allegedly explained by Narita.

Final design of King Joe from Tohl Narita’s art book

In that article it is said to have been explained that a trick to make the robot look unlikely to be a costume applying cylindrical objects to the human body shape. (The images here are not from the article but from Narita’s art book)

As I was still a small child then, when just looking at some illustrations showing the design process, I mistakenly understood it was about, funnily enough, how Alien Pedan constructed the super robot, and I found it pretty amazing and exciting (good old days…)!

Although I’m looking for the illustrated article online, it’s really a shame that I have found it out nether online nor in the Ultraseven Pictorial I have covering the articles featured in the Bokura Magazines and Shonen Magazines back then.

Primary design of King Joe from the same book as above

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