Kunio Miyauchi’s Music

Ultra Q (Episode 13, ‘Garadama’)

As to The Return of Ultraman, while I love the theme song composed by Koichi Sugiyama and background music by Toru Fuyuki, it was a bit shame for me that quite a few Ultraseven music pieces were found to be used in the show.

As long as music could affect the whole impression of the universe of a story, I would rather they had applied more of original music to The Return of Ultraman instead of using the music from Ultraseven.

While The Return of Ultraman also had a lot of fascinating music on the whole, I find it a little regrettable.


Besides the Ultraseven music, I love the Ultraman music composed by Kunio Miyauchi as well.

Whereas Fuyuki’s Ulraseven music has an orchestral classical style, Miyauchi’s Ultraman music sounds like jazz played by a combo band.

I believe that helped to make the universe of each product more distinctive as the two products were initially not connected in terms of the universes of the stories.

I like the straightforwardness of the Ultraman music with an optimistically carefree feel including the theme song with a buoyant rhythm although I don’t know how many times we sang the song along with the show or to ourselves as a kid.

Kaiju Booska

Miyauchi created music of Ultra Q and Kaiju Booska as well, these works don’t make me feel odd as Ultra Q and Ultraman had the same or connected settings of the universe.

With much of the Ultra Q music used in Booska, it is strange that the music is found quite assimilated into the Booska universe without a feeling of oddness somehow…

Incidentally, the first melody phrase heard to be sung at the beginning of the theme song of The Return of Ultraman was a tribute to the equivalent of the Ultraman theme song.

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