Let’s make good things!

What still makes me attached to the old Japanese TV Tokusatsu?

Satoshi Furuya, actor for Ultraman, says in a recent book interview this way.

Without affluence, Kaijyu, miniatures and Ultraman were created using everyone’s ingenuity.

You can see the enthusiasm o various kinds through the screen.

The work is made of sweat and tears.

The current people will understand that.

That is what Mr. Furuya says.

I think this is it!

I feel the creators’ passion through the works.

I bet the current works have their own goodness.

What was impossible in the old days is possible now.

Without the current CG, everything was hand-made at that time.

That may give a unique taste to the works of those days.

Of course, they have limitation without the current technology.

But they still keep shining.

And really well-made.

I am sure the creators’ uncompromising stance made the works outstanding.

They were full of “Sense of Wonder,” I think.

The adults of that time made the works with great enthusiasm for us, children of that time.

That is how I feel.

Also, they are real entertainment you can enjoy without reasoning.

“Let’s make good things!”

I feel that passion through each work.

Of course there was limit on budget and time.

They tried to do their best under the difficult circumstances.

Conflicts between personalities of the creators must have given unique atmosphere to each work.

I am very much fond on the old Tokusatsu including the atmosphere.

It is really fun for me to touch it through viewing such Tokusatsu.

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