Life-sized Seven

Life-sized Seven (Episode 4)

It is said the staff of “Ultra Seven” tried to be aware of differences from Ultraman in every aspect.

The other characteristic peculiar to Ultra Seven is that Seven can make himself as tiny as bacteria and as huge as a 40 meters tall giant freely.

In Episode 31, you can see Seven enter a girl’s body and battle with
a tiny space monster parasitic in the human body.


Especially, it is fun to see Seven act life-sized which is a charm Ultraman doesn’t have.

In the previous period, particularly, we see life-sized Seven battle with aliens of the same height.

Some of the aliens become huge after all and so does Seven to battle with them.

In a few episodes, however, both aliens and Seven don’t become huge at all.

I love such life-sized battles as they have a unique taste.


In the transformation sequence, Dan becomes life-sized Seven first and then becomes huge next as you can see.

It is likey there was an idea of making Seven act life-sized first and then become huge at last every time.

Kazuho Mitsuta, one of Seven directors, says he personally thought it’s OK with Seven remaining life-sized all the time to make Seven distinct from Ultraman.

Seven gets in the spaceship of Alien Iyros (Ayros) (Episode 13)

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