Live-action Version Of Tetsujin (Ironhuman) 28


Tetsujin (Ironhuman) 28 was another anime series I remember I enjoyed as a kid, and the show is based on the manga authored by Mitsuteru Yokoyama.

Yokoyama authored the manga version of Giant Robo as well while I didn’t know the manga versions of Tetsujin and Robo including Atom by Osamu Tezuka as it was before I started reading manga products.

Nevertheless I definitely remember the anime Tetsujin was fully enjoyable along with its theme song I think we often sang back then.


Moreover, it is also known that Tetsujin had its live-action version aired in 1960 with 13 episodes before the anime version (1963-1966; 97 episodes; produced by TCJ, present Eiken) I remember I enjoyed.

Whereas it is not that I had an opportunity to watch the series, this live-action version Tetsujin looks much shorter than the manga and anime versions as an actor had to wear the costume.

According to the information available online, the series was produced by Matsuzaki Production that also made the live-action version of Tetsuwan Atom while the presumably now-defunct production company was established by Keiji Matsuzaki (1905-1974).

Tetsujin 28 in the second version costume

The live-action Tetsujin seems to have two types of costume: the one used from Episode 1 through Episode 6; the other one used in the rest of the series.

The first type seems to be capable to fire a beam attack from its eyes and the second from its chest. It is likely to become capable to fly in the sky in Episode 13 newly equipped with a rocket.

While Tetsujin is a robot controlled by a human, protagonist boy Shotaro Kaneda, unlike Atom who acts of his own accord, Mazinger Z authored by Go Nagai was the “third robot” which is operated by a man who rides on it.

Anime Tetsujin 28

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