Episode Episode 37: The Stolen Ultra Eye
Alias Alien Magellan
Height 1.6 meters
Weight 40 kilograms
Homeplace Planet Magellan
Features Telepathy
Actress Yuri Yoshida (now Yuriko Kono)

Maya, Alien Magellan, is the alien sent in from Planet Magellan.

They plotted to blast Earth with the Interstellar Ballistic Missile to be launched from the planet.

Maya’s mission was to keep Dan from transforming into Ultraseven by stealing Ultra Eye so as not to let him thwart the plot.

They seem to be the aliens with exactly the same appearances as earthlings, and Maya just looks like a human girl.

It’s interesting to find she has her own individual name even though it was left unreferred to in the episode.

Interstellar Ballistic Missile launched from Planet Magellan

At the beginning of the episode she managed to get Ultra Eye when Dan fell unconscious after she made the Pointer fall off a cliff.

She communicated with Dan by telepathy in the disco bar Noa where he found her among dancing young people.

Asked by Dan if they were going to invade Earth, Maya laughed contemptuously and answered bluntly, “Look, this crazy planet. Do you think it’s worth invasion?”

Although she had been sending a message ‘Waiting to be picked up’ to Planet Magellan, the reply was so awful as to say, “The Interstellar Ballistic Missile has already been launched. No time to pick you up.”

“This planet’s life will be over at midnight.” Maya facing Dan in the disco bar Noa

When she became aware that she had been abandoned from the very beginning, Dan suggested her to live on Earth.

She silently returned Ultra Eye to Dan instead of replying.

The missile made its way smashing the Space Station V2, and the desperate attacks of the Ultra Hawk 1 and 2 had no effect on it, either.

Ultraseven (human-sized) who plunged into the missile managed to divert its direction by a hair’s breadth at last.

When Dan got back to the bar, Maya was not there.

“Why don’t we live with this planet?” Dan said to Maya by telepathy

She had vanished in smoke she let out from a jukebox leaving just her brooch behind on the floor that told Dan what happened to her.

I’ve loved this episode even since my childhood although no monstrous alien appeared.

I think this is a great work that proved an Ultra Series episode can be an attractive sci-fi drama even without any monsters.

It’s impressive to see Dan and Maya always communicate by telepathy while it’s found Maya didn’t utter a single word throughout the episode without using it.

Maya let out smoke from a jukebox that made her vanish

2 thoughts on “MAYA (ALIEN MAGELLAN)”

  1. The jukebox that Maya used to let out smoke did not have the “I” button. It has been said it’s because the Ultra “Eye” was missing or that Alien Magellan have no “Ai” (love). Interesting…..

    1. Yeah, I read it in the book “Ultraseven Kenkyu Dokuhon (Ultraseven Study/Research Book).”
      If it was carried out intentionally, it is definitely a subtle arrangement.
      Thanks for sharing the information!

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