Extraterrestrial girl

Maya, Alien Magellan (Episode 37)

In “Ultra Seven,” aliens who have the same appearance as humans also appear.

As a matter of fact, because it’s cost-efficient.

It is said the producers didn’t have enough budget for getting newly molded monster suits at the time.

I hear the measure led to low viewer ratings as a result.

It’s imaginable children will find it no fun if monstrous aliens don’t appear.


Today it’s acknowledged the producers successfully made the drama attractive enough even without monstrous aliens.

As far as I’m concerned, I didn’t find it no fun at all even as a child and enjoyed it as always.

Especially impressive even to me of the time was Maya, Alien Magellan.

She is dispatched on a mission to steal Ultra Eye so that Dan can’t mutate back into Seven while the interstellar ballistic missile launched from Planet Magellan is approaching Earth.


Maya giving back Ultra Eye to Dan

It was impressive Maya and Dan communicate with each other by telepathy.

This kind of depiction was very much effective to make it look much like communication between extraterrestrial beings.

Dan: Are you going to invade Earth?

Maya laughs in a contemptuous tone.

Maya: This crazy planet. Look. Do you think it’s worth invasion?

Though It is a story with a sad ending, I love this episode which remains in my heart.

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