Memory of Captain Ultra

Joe (far left), Captain Ultra (center) and Hack (far right)

Toei’s “Captain Ultra” was not rerun so much as Tsuburaya’s “Ultra Q,” “Ultraman” and “Ultra Seven,” I guess.

So I remember little of its content.

It didn’t feature a superhero like Ultraman or Ultra Seven.

It’s a product broadcast from April 16 through September 14, 1964 with 24 episodes in total.

According to the Internet, the story is:


“In the late 21st century, the earth has faced the age of ‘Space Exploitation’ with the development of space exploration plans.

But unknown dangers are constantly waiting for the human beings who have made their way into space.

And then the space police patrolling party has been established belonging to the space station ‘Silver Star.’

Once they receive rescue signals by a special shooter, Captain Takehiko Hongo nicknamed ‘Captain Ultra’ keeps fighting against Alien Bandel and various monsters along with Joe, Alien Kikero, and Hack, versatile robot, driving the spaceship Spiegel.”


Wow! Sounds like fun!!!

I remember Hack very well. He’s a good guy.

As to Joe, not much.

It’s likely that Joe was dropped halfway through because the spiny head looked very much scary to viewing children and gained a bad reputation among them.

Nenji Kobayashi who played Joe developed into a popular actor in later years up to now.

It’s interesting to learn that the head which looks funny now was so much scaring to the children of the time.

Hack (left) and Joe

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