Memory of soft vinyl toys

As far as toys of monsters are concerned, it’s not that I have been a dedicated collector of them.

But I had a few of the soft vinyl toys of the Ultra monsters.

I remember I had the one of Windom, Eleking, King Joe and U-tom.

All of these are the monsters of “Ultra Seven.”

I was a bit disappointed at the time that they didn’t look like the real ones we saw on TV.


The idea to make such toys look like the real monster suits faithfully didn’t exist at the time.

There were many of them which were painted in a different color from the real suits.

It’s likely that they were intended to stand out among the other bright-colored toys.

As to the appearance of the toys, they were more simplified and looked much more lovable than the real monsters.

I was dissatisfied with their deformed look in those days.


It should have been impossible to make the molds so much detailed as to make them look just like the real things.

Also, the producers seem to have tried to avoid making them look scaring to children.

They might also have taken account of the possibility of injuring children with a sharply pointed part and so on.

Aware of these, I’m impressed with the producers’ thoughtfulness toward us.

Now I also find attractiveness unique to such soft vinyl toys.

(The photos I fond on Web are the same soft vinyl toys I had at the time.)

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