Michio Kida

Booska #35

When watching the Booska Episode 35 “Let’s Go To The Galaxy!,” I found an actor who looks familiar to me among the characters.

That was Michio Kida (1912-1994) who impressively played Yasui, the fortune teller persistently chased by Alien Shadow in Ultraseven Episode 23 “Find Tomorrow” because his ability to foresee the future intimidated the aliens as it could possibly spoil their plot to blast the Terrestrial Defense Force weaponry development facility.

In the Booska episode, Kida acted Orihime’s father comically, and Kida also appeared in Booska Episode 5 in which he played a kendo (Japanese swordsmanship with the use of bamboo swords) teacher who was easily beaten by Booska in a kendo match in spite of his stately presence.

And, after his appearance in “Ultraseven,” Kida performed a magician in “Kaiki Daisakusen (Operation Mystery)” Episode 1 “Man Who Gets Through The Wall” as a side character who just appeared for a short while.

A strong impression made by his role of Yasui makes it even more suitable for Kida to act a magician.

Kaiki Daisakusen #1

According to a book authored by Yuriko Hishimi who acted Anne in “Ultraseven,” Kida brought his grandson to the set when his Ultraseven episode was being filmed as the boy begged to take him there.

Hishimi writes she remembers Kida said to her with a laugh that the boy showed him respect for the first time with admiring words “Grandpa, you are great!.”

While I have read a few more stories like this uttered by other actors who appeared in the Ultra Series, these stories tell us how much popular the series were among us kids back then.

Photos of Kida as Yasui alleged to have been recently discovered

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