Misunderstandings about Ultra

Shrunken Ultraman

In those days, there were kids who interpreted Ultraman shrunk spontaneously in “Human Specimens 5 & 6” I wrote a post about yesterday.

Therefore, looks like there are still those who believe Ultraman can reduce to the size of a human like Ultra Seven.

Other than this, there seems to be some “serious” misunderstandings about Ultra among people.

A few I heard about were:



1. “Ultra Q” features Zoffy.

→(No. “Q” is a series before we got Ultra heroes.)

2. Ultraman appears in “Ultra Seven” as well.

(No. They are independent products with each different world setting.)

3. Ultraman Seven

(No. It’s Ultra Seven.)


Alien Zetton

These are misunderstandings surely caused by the later Ultra Series setting all the Ultra heroes as “Ultra Brothers” in and after “Return of Ultraman” in the 1970’s.

Zoffy had a guest appearance just one time in the last episode of “Ultraman” as Ultraman’s fellow member of the Space Ranger of Nebula M78.

Zoffy was reset as the captain of the Space Ranger (It’s set as he got a promotion) and the oldest son of the Ultra Brothers in the 1970’s.

As information was scarce at the time, it’s true we had some confused information.

Looks like it was mistakenly explained late in the 1960’s Zoffy was the alien to control Zetton obviously mixed up with the enigmatic alien now called Alien Zetton.

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