Monsters In “Ultra Fight” #1

The monsters that appeared in the newly shot episodes of “Ultra Fight” are described as BaltanTelesdon; Gomora; WooKeronia; Seabose; KeyllaEleking; Goddora; Icarus; Guts; Agira; Goron.

Each of the newly shot episodes had no particular story as it was a five-minute long show in which the characters abruptly came across one another in a plain field and started fighting for no particular reason with voice-over commentary by a (fake) play-by-play announcer that made it look like a live coverage.

The shows “Ultraman” and “Ultraseven,” especially the former, tended to be criticized as a “kaiju wrestling show” by adults who perceived that battles would just unfold between the hero and a monster in the shows like professional wrestling matches that aired on TV with great popularity in Japan back then although the shows were meant to be tokusatsu science fiction products.

Therefore it can be said “Ultra Fight” was a show that dared to take advantage of such criticized features in a way.

The plot development, if any, was so surreal and abrupt each time only with crazy episodes featuring the monsters such as Eleking who plunged into fighting as he went mad because another character disturbed him while napping, Keylla who just kept devouring an apple, and etcetera.

One-to-one or one-to-many battles were fought between Ultraseven and kaijus while there were a lot of episodes featuring battles between/among kaijus with no appearance of Ultraseven.

There is no segregation between the Ultraman kaijus and Ultraseven kaijus either as they fought with each other jumbling together.

The shooting of each episode seems to have been carried out with no script and no rehearsal simply bringing the costumes to each location by car.

Every monster costume looks so much worn out after being used at stage shows held all over Japan as some of them were costumes actually used in “Ultraman” and “Ultraseven” and others were sculpted for stage shows while the deterioration or crudity of the costumes could have made them look like a mere shadow of what they should have been.

(I forgot to add a photo of Keylla in “Ultra Fight.” Here it is if you would like to take a look. No pic was found online about the “Ultra Fight” Gomora unfortunitely)

2 thoughts on “Monsters In “Ultra Fight” #1”

  1. I’ve never seen this show but something tells me that it’s very similar to Redman. That one also featured hilariously misshapen suits (especially Pigmon, who was almost unrecognizable) and out-of-town battle sets. As I find Redman to be incredibly funny, I’ll make sure to track this down!

    1. Exactly, Redman followed the style laid down by Ultra Fight.
      Yeah, that Garamon (it’s described as such) was terrible with little resemblance to the real one.
      Another awful thing was Kanegon who appeared seemingly only once in Episode 19 of Redman.
      It looked like the costume had just been stored in a wrong way so that the head looked almost collapsed to the extent that nobody would know it was Kanegon until they are told so! 🙂

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