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Dan throws the capsule and Capsule Monster appears

It is said the producers considered the possibility of having such monsters as Peguila, Red King and Gomora of “Ultra Q” and “Ultraman” appear as Capsule Monsters in “Ultra Seven” in the planning stage.

It is also said, because Kaiju (monsters) shows were established at the time, it was deemed the more new monsters they get, the more advantages they have commercially.


As SFX dramas like the Ultra Series are so costly, it is important to recover the costs by commercial deployment.

But, as a result, I think it did well to have Capsule Monsters unique to “Seven” if it’s supposed to be about a different world from “Ultra Q” and “Ultraman.”

Incidentally, Capsule Monsters are also from Nebula M-78, and their birth places are as below respectively:

Windom: from Planet Metal

Miclas: from Planet Buffalo

Agira: from Planet Animal



It is known Dan has 5 capsules with him in the case.

In addition to the above three, he threw one of the capsules vainly in an attempt to have a Capsule Monster appear in the space of 4 dimensions generated by an alien in Episode 10.

But nothing happens in the unique space.

In result, Dan has another capsule remain unused throughout all the episodes.

If you imagine what kind of monster it contains, it will be of much interest!

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