More About Tetsuo Yamamura Who Played Chamegon

From left: Hideaki Sato, Akihide Tsuzawa and Tetsuo Yamamura (snapshot from Ultraman Episode 9); Sato also appeared in Ultra Q Episode 14 as the protagonist boy

Following my post on Haruyoshi Nakamura as one of the suit actors of Booska, I would like to talk a bit more about Tetsuo Yamamura (1951-present) as an actor of Chamegon while the character was acted by Yamamura and Teruo Aragaki alternately depending on the episode.

As I wrote about the outline of Yamamura’s career as a suit actor, after he appeared as human characters in “Ultra Q” and “Ultraman,” he started his career as a kaiju actor with Chamegon for the first time, surprisingly enough, when he was a junior high student.

Chibirakun characters: Pochipochi is a dog-like character beside rightmost Chibirakun

As to Ultra Kaijus, as most of them were being played by seasoned suit actors who had already been involved in suit acting for the series, Yamamura started playing with Gander, Alien Prote (giant version) and Dally in “Ultraseven” after he had played kaijus at stage shows or for still photos exclusively along with a human character as the son of the Mizushimas assaulted by Alien Quraso.

Yamamura (second from right) around the time when he was playing Pochipochi

After that, Yamamura played Pochipochi in the TV tokusatsu series “Chibirakun” (1970-1971) produced by Tsuburaya Productions, and, in 1972, he played Daigoro in the kaiju movie “Daigoro vs. Goliath” produced as the movie commemorating the 10th anniversary of Tsuburaya Productions (I have never seen this movie unfortunately).

He is also known to have played kaius for several Tsuburaya TV tokusatsu series including “Ultraman Tarou”(1973), “Fireman” (1973) and “Jumborg Ace” (1973). He also appeared in “Ultraman 80” (1980) as a kaiju named Tetsuon after his name.


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