“‘Mr. Godzilla’ Haruo Nakajima”


Haruo Nakajima attracts widespread popularity as “Mr. Godzilla” worldwide and at the age of 86 now!

We are very much proud of him.

The above is a book written by Mr. Nakajima with the title “‘Mr. Godzilla’ Haruo Nakajima.”

This is a book worth reading.

Reading through, I was amazed at the toughness, both physically and mentally, seemingly unique to the generation who lived through the war.


He says in his book he didn’t become an actor because he wanted to.

He got the job to survive because he had no other particular jobs just after the war.

Spending his days as one of the utility actors with Toho Company, he was selected as an actor for Godzilla along with Katsumi Tezuka.

When Tsuburaya Productions got started with the Ultra Series on TV and he was requested to play the role of the Ultra monsters besides the Godzilla movies, it’s likely he accepted the request willingly by thinking, “Anything for Oyaji-san.”


Oyaji-san means Mr. Big Buddy, which stands for Director Eiji Tsuburaya in this case.

Mr. Nakajima says he was pleased to see Oyaji-san’s TV products have gained popularity.

Looks like Mr. Nakajima taught Satoshi (Bin) Furuya, actor for Ultraman, a lot as the pioneer in suit acting.

Mr. Furuya says jokingly, “The most scary monster was Mr. Nakajima.” 

I wish Mr. Godzilla good health and happiness!!!

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