Music Of Ultraseven By Toru Fuyuki 1

Ultraseven, Episode 8

One of my readers kindly shared with us the English song of Ultraseven uploaded on YouTube which was used as a piece of background music in the series.

While I’m not sure if the English lyrics make sense or sound idiomatic to native speakers of the language, I’ve found the song sounds very much nice since my childhood.

As a child, of course I didn’t understand English at all then, every time I heard the song played in the show, that made me so excited even without knowing what was being sung.


Whereas I do like the music used in Ultra Q and Ultraman, I find the one used in Ultraseven truly fascinating and definitely love it.

The music of the former two was composed by Kunio Miyauchi (1932-2006), and the latter by Toru Fuyuki (1935-).

While I like the rhythmical music created by Miyauchi, I feel like the classical style of music like Baroque music reminiscent of Mozart composed by Fuyuki is so magnificent and truly fit in well with the universe of Ultraseven.


Akio Jissoji is a director who is also known for his broad knowledge of art including music, and Fuyuki’s music was impressively used in the episodes directed by him such as Episode 8 ‘The Targeted Town’ and Episode 45 ‘The Boy Who Cried Flying Saucer’ (‘Flying Saucers Are Here’ in the Japanese subtitle. The title apparently from The Boy Who Cried Wolf makes me feel somewhat odd).

I really love the lyrical pieces of music used in these episodes.

Funnily enough, in Episode 45, it was depicted that the annoying noises Gen-san made while he was hammering on the scrap metal crackled even the beautiful background music.

Ultraseven, Episode 45

4 thoughts on “Music Of Ultraseven By Toru Fuyuki 1”

  1. Toru Fuyuki also composed the music for Return of Ultraman and that one was also amazing. Especially MAT’s theme, with that fantastic “wambadabadabam” chorus is so iconic! Great stuff.

  2. I am also a big fan of Fuyuki’s Ultra Seven music! I collected these CDs that I think have among them all of the music used in Ultra Seven:

    -Ultra Seven So Ongaku Shu (STARCHILD: KICA 182-3)

    -Ultra Seven Music File (VAP: VPCD-81297)

    -Ultra Seven Music File vol. 2 (VAP: VPCD-81298)

    -Ultra Series Music File: Matsu Shu Rokuhen (VAP: VPCD-81301)

    -Ultra Seven Classic (KING: KICC 1105)

    Ultra Seven Classic is needed because it contains the only music which was not composed by Fuyuki — that is, the classical music used during Ultra Seven’s final battle against Pandon in the last episode. I hope this list will save you and your readers some time if you are trying to put together a CD collection of Ultra Seven music!

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