Music Of Ultraseven By Toru Fuyuki 2

The Return of Ultraman

At any rate, I have a personal impression that sounds were cherished in the Fanatasy SFX Series (Ultra Q, Ultraman and Ultraseven) on the whole including music and sound effects, at least they were so impressive to me.

Toru Fuyuki was also involved in creating music for The Return of Ultraman except its theme song (it was composed by Koichi Sugiyama and sung by Jiro Dan, actor for Hideki Go) I love this song as well) afterwards.

And the music used in the show and known as ‘wandaba’ in Japan was also composed by Fuyuki and gained popularity.

I feel like I read somewhere he wrote the ‘wandaba’ at the request to make something like ‘ULTRASEVEN’ including the phrases ‘one, two, three, four…’


As to the music for Ultraseven, Fuyuki says in a book interview that, as he had to do the job within limited time and budget, he thought they should spend the budget for two seasons at one time rather than creating impoverished music with the budget for one season.

He recollects he was writing the scores in the room next to the studio on the first recording day so that they could record as many pieces of music as possible while composing additional music other than originally planned even with a score copyist standing by there for the orchestral parts.

While I’m going to talk more about Fuyuki’s Ultraseven music in the next post, as one of my readers, RT, kindly bothered to create the CD list of the Ultraseven music, I hope it will help those who are interested!

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